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Bar Coded Number Labels


You may order Shamrock Bar Coded Consecutive Number Labels in any configuration needed. Bar and eye readable number labels combined with labels showing bar code or eye readable numbers only are available in roll or tablet form or as individual sheets of the same number. Label materials are available to withstand a wide range of temperature extremes, solution baths and storage requirements. Let Shamrock assist you through every step of the ordering process.

The information needed to place your order for bar coded numbers includes:

  • The size label needed.
    • If different size labels are to be included in sets of the same numbers, please indicate the size, imprint and placement of each label within the set.
  • Whether labels are needed on rolls, in tablets or as individual sheets with a tear tab.
  • The label material desired.
  • The color label desired.
  • The color ink. Choose black, blue, green or red or designate a special ink color. We recommend black ink for any number printed on a color background.
  • The bar code symbology to be used.
  • The beginning number of your sequence.
  • The ending number of your sequence.
  • The format desired:
    • The number of bar code labels only for each number.
    • The number of eye readable labels only for each number.
    • The number of bar and eye readable labels of each number.
  • The number of sets of each number format.
  • The location of the number imprint: center, top or bottom.
  • A facility or department imprint if desired and its location.
Shamrock’s locally based Sales Consultants and Customer Service Representatives are available to help guide you
through the custom design and ordering process. Contact Shamrock today:
• CALL 800-323-0249 • FAX 800-248-1907 • EMAIL
34 Davis Drive, Bellwood, Illinois 60104   Phone 800-323-0249   Fax 800-248-1907